so heres the deal with snakeworld!

willow and rhyme formed snakeworld! in mid 2023 as the latest of their music collaborations, and, not long after, were joined by alex on drums. currently, we've released our first single and an ep we wrote + recorded in a single day. we've been doing a bunch of local shows too! come see us :)

inspired by bands such as the moldy peaches, nana grizol, and the halo benders, snakeworld! (hopefully) brings joy and good vibes to the world of punk and twee pop. all of our members are listed below, with a little blurb written by each of us


I'm Willow! I'm the co-lead-vocals and keyboardist of snakeworld!. Rhyme and I started busking more than two years ago, and it's grown into this whole thing. I make pixel art, build Bionicle, and rollerblade. Dance to our music and have a good time!


yo im rhyme, i play guitar and share vocal duties with willow (my mortal enemy and greatest rival 😈) my hobbies include collecting anime figurines and taking selfies in the 100 gecs pose. i also have a solo project under the name "shitty kickflips" so go check that out if u wanna hear more punk-y scream-y stuff from me. i also also have my own website where you can see all the various art that i've made, from music to videos


This ones name is Alex. She plays drums for Snakeworld! She also likes to take walks in nature and sigh longingly at komorebi. When not doing any of those things, she makes videos on youtube

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